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Janet’s Poems

Be Kind to Yourself
Sun Blessed Morning
Pleasant Autumn Night
Sweet little Bird
Celebrating Spring
Quiet Moments
What a Nice Surprise
Our Creators Special Touch
True Friendship
Glorious Springtime
It’s Springtime Soon
Inspired in Christ
Cottage Entrance
Time with Jesus
Ibis in the Park
You are One of a Kind
God in Creation
The Secret of Life
A Mother’s Smile
A Mother’s Love
Autumn Night
Pleasantly Blessed
Comfort in Nature
On a Clear Day
Sunny Day
Summer Breeze
His Loving Favor
God’s Cute little Creatures
Goodness and Blessings
Beautiful Spring
Flowers in a Park
Summer Rain
Ageless Youth
Rejoicing in my King
Creator – The Savior
It’s Springtime Soon
Spring is almost here
Waiting for Spring
A Good Dad
Husband’s Birthday
Morning in Spring

Helen Steiner Rice’s Poems

I Come to Meet You
Heart Gifts
The Fragrance remains
Everywhere….God’s Hand
Enfolded in His Love
Life is Like a Bouquet
Where there is Love
Finding Faith in a Flower
Giving is the Key to Living

Janet’s Inspirations

Peace and Happiness
Chemistry of Laughter
On the Bright Side
Sayings on Hope
If You Wonder – Song
Encouragements about God
There’s something about a Smile
Joy keeps you Young
Always have Faith
Equip yourself each Day
Looking to God is Strength
Words of Encouragement
It’s Nice to be Me
A Sense of Humor
Happiness in Life
To be Carefree

Other Authors

Follow Your Dream
Forever Friends
I Believe – Song
Beauty of Laughter
My Dad is my Friend
Contentment and Happiness
I Said A Mother’s Prayer For You
The Miracle Of Friendship
Thank You for Little Things
Equipped for Life
Uplifting Friendships
Smiles and Laughter
Wisdom of a Mother..
My Mother Kept A Garden
To Daddy with Love
Gratitude to Dad
A Precious Mother
Qualities of a Mum
A Positive Outcome
I Love You Mom!
Gran’s Special Touch
My Little One




~ Songs specially marked ~

~ Songbird ~
A beautiful reflective song by a group of four melodic vocalists who sing in harmony.
A New Day
Russia Bird Songs. Instrumental with Nature Sounds.
~ Winters Light ~
A beautiful song that is sang delicately by Cloe Agnew – similar to a lullaby – with really nice music accompliment and harmony.
Song for Ava
A pleasant pace light orchestral tune played by Stewart Dudley from Flora Australis.
Reflections for Flutes
A lovely piece of music by an ensemble of flutes. It sounds very pretty.
~ I have a Dream ~
An encouraging song from Abba Song Group_ imparting pleasant thoughts.
~ Scarborough Fair ~
A melodic song in harmony by Simon and Garfunkle. It’s nice to hear.
Snow Reflections Fantasy.
A lovely piece of music by an ensemble of flutes. It sounds very pretty, with melodic dainty notes.
~ Painter of the Sky. ~
A thoughtful song by Don Moen about our Glorious Creator and relating with the Friend of Friends_ Jesus.
In the Fields.
The misty atmosphere of a mountain paradise reflected in music and nature sounds. Enjoy
Little Fountain.
A beautiful melodic tune softly and skillfully played on the harp by Karin Leitner.
~ You Raise Me Up. ~
The beautiful faith filled song by Aled Jones instilling hope in us all. The music accompaniment has real atmosphere.
~ I believe there is More. ~
A lovely song by Don Moen about the Kindness of a Gracious God who Loves us and is interested in the activities of our day.
Dancing Butterflies.
A delightful melody played in a delicate way by pianist Gary Prim. So expressive.
~ Believing as a Child. ~
A delightful carefree Christian song by Elizabeth Norland with very pretty music.
April Forest.
The nice fresh nature sounds of rippling and running water with birds chirping. Enjoy this experience.

~ Summer Rain. ~
A beautiful song by Hayley Westenra. It is reflective and contemplative. Enjoy.
I Believe.
A beautiful piece of music played by Mary Beth Carlson with light orchestral background. This is the original song from years ago….you could say nostalgic.
Sweet Belonging.
A truly beautiful peace of music played on keyboard by Michele McLauchlan. You will love it.
~ The Prayer. ~
A speechless Duet with Michael Bolton and Lara Fabian with beautiful improvising.
~ Send Your Angels. ~
A beautiful atmospheric song composed and sang by Debbie Fortnum thanking God for nature and creation. Prayerful and melodic.
New Life Springs Forth.
A pretty tune by Elisabeth Norland with piano and flutes.
~ Your Grace Still Amazes Me. ~
A really lovely song sang by Phillips, Craig and Dean. They harmonize very well together.
~ Perfect Peace. ~
A beautiful Christian song about the Coming of Christ by Julie McMinn. It is sang in really nice harmony and very assuring.
Beautiful Life
by Keith Martinson. A delightful Tune by a melodic piano composer. Very restful.
~ The Love of God. ~
A beautifully orchestrated song and music…played delicately and melodic.
~ Where Your Spirit Is. ~
A thought filled song composed and song by Debbie Fortnum depicting the Peace and Joy and Freedom that is ours in Christ.
The Beauty Within.
A soft and delicate tune played on keyboard by Michele McLauchlan. Petty notes.
~ Endless Love. ~
A very pleasant Duet by Lionel Richie and Shania Twain_ a beautiful evergreen.
New Creation.
A beautiful tune by Elisabeth Norland about a new life in Christ. This music is delicately pretty.

Moonlit Sea.
Soothing tranquil sounds of the seashore with pleasant music. Very restful.
~ Someday. ~
A sweet reflective song beautifully sang by Cloe Agnew. You will enjoy.
~ Perfect Love. ~
A pretty little Christian song by Elisabeth sang in harmony. Very soothing.
Springtime Reflections.
A delightful melody played expressively by pianist Gary Prim with light orchestral background.
Just before Dawn.
A beautiful piece of reflective music commencing with waves rolling into the seashore. A really pretty melodic tune.
Blue Vision.
A truly beautiful tune played with accustic guitar and keyboard with the gentle sound of waves rippling into the seashore. Very pleasant and relaxing.


Autumn Song.
A melodic tune by pianist Christian Housel that sounds like autumn leaves falling. So dainty.
A delightful piece of music played on accustic guitar and keyboard with dainty melodic notes with waves of the seashore. Very soothing.
Song of Hope.
A beautiful tune by Keith Martinson. He is a pianist and composer who plays melodic simple melodies. This will touch you.
~ Hiding Place ~
A nice calm song that is composed and beautifully sang by Debbie Fotnum. So soothing and atmospheric.
Ballrooms of Mars.
Some really nice light orchestral Music by T. Rex accompanied with charming harmonious Birdsong.
Solitary Shore.
Soothing tranquil sounds of the seashore with pleasant music. Very restful.
Like an Eagle.
An atmospheric tune of an eagle in flight high above the trees, composed and played with trickling notes by Debbie Fortnum. Very pretty.
Moon Flower.
A beautifully delicate light orchestral tune played by Stewart Dudley from Flora Australis.
A Celebration of the Sounds of Nature from the forest. Great for nature lovers.
Baby Boomerang.
Some really nice light orchestral Music by T. Rex accompanied with chirping Bird Sounds.
Just before Daybreak.
A really nice atmospheric tune with a beautiful melody and improvising. Relaxing and uplifting at the same time.
~ Annie’s Song ~
Annie’s Song. A really beautiful love song by John Denver – Nice for everyone to hear!
~ Sunshine on My Shoulders ~
Sunshine on My Shoulders. A beautiful song by John Denver romancing with nature. A lovely greeting to give someone.
~ Bridge Over Troubled Water ~
Bridge Over Troubled Water. A timeless song of comfort by Simon and Garfunkel.
~ Hiding Place – Don Moen ~
Hiding Place. A comforting prayer song by Don Moen – soothing and restful.
~ The Eyes of God ~
The Eyes of God. A peaceful reflective song by Scott Kalechstein – really beautiful with a cheerful note to it. Nice harmony.
~ I’m Thankful ~
I’m Thankful. A little song by David M Bailey expressing our thanks for pleasant memories.
~ I Love You ~
I Love You. A beautiful balanced love song by David M Bailey with acoustic guitar. This is really nice.
~ I Hope You Dance ~
I Hope You Dance by Heartbound. A delightful song for a child or friend, wishing them well.
~ The Little Things Mean So Much ~
The Little Things Mean So Much. A beautiful song from Heartbound that speaks of happy family moments. Nice to share with a friend.


New Christian Songs Added for those who Enjoy

~ Carry me there ~
Carry me there. An expressive prayer song to reach the promised land and be one He can trust. Take my hand, I need Your Love and Grace.
~ Everlasting Arms ~
Everlasting Arms. Leaning on the Arms of our Faithful One. Trusting Him – Finding Peace. By IHOP
~ Shine Jesus ~
Shine Jesus. A beautiful reflective song to Jesus, sang in exquisite harmony by Kimberly and Alberto.
~ Simply Beautiful ~
Simply Beautiful. A delightful instrumental with a beautiful song about the ever-rising Love of God until perfection shines forth. So encouraging – by IHOP
~ Let the Joy Rise Up ~
Let the Joy Rise Up. A beautiful encouraging song by Julie True….very soothing and strengthening our spirit.
~ I love to Praise ~
I love to Praise. A wonderful Uplifting song about praising Jesus whatever you’re feeling – just to be close to Him. Sang by Freddy Hayler.
~ I am Yours ~
I am Yours. A quiet song of intimate converse with Jesus during our time. So beautiful – by IHOP
~ My Garden ~
My Garden. A beautiful calming song where the Father speaks about His Love for us by Kimberly and Alberto. Very delicate.
~ Shores of Eternity ~
Shores of Eternity. A beautiful delicate song where one crosses over the brink of Eternity with Jesus.
~ Your Faithfulness Song ~
Your Faithfulness Song. A beautiful song of prayer surrounded with the Faithfulness of God. By Kimberly and Alberto.
~ I Need You – Jesus Song ~
I Need You – Jesus Song. Singing a prayer of meditation to Jesus – by Julie True. This will encourage you.
~ God of Kindness ~
God of Kindness. A beautiful song of prayer sang in harmony by IHOP – being sheltered by Him.
~ I am your Father ~
I am your Father. He speaks of His Love for us and His Promise to us – by Kimberly and Alberto
~ Garden In Paradise ~
Garden In Paradise. Freddy Hayler sings of Jesus and the Heavenly Paradise – so expressive and atmospheric. You will love it.
~ I Can Only Imagine ~
I Can Only Imagine. I song of rejoicing and expectation by Heartbound – what it will be like when we see Jesus.
~ Sharing His Light ~
Sharing His Light. A precious song by Heartbound sang harmoniously aspirations to share the Light and Love of Jesus.
~ Creation Calls ~
Creation Calls. A beautiful song of wonderment about our Creator and His Creation by Ray Watson. So delicate and lovely.
~ We Thank You Lord ~
We Thank You Lord. A beautiful worship song by Ray Watson sang harmoniously with Praise and Cheer.

Some Pretty Melodies

Because of You
Because of You. A delightful melodic tune by inspiring pianist Jeanette Alexander.
Peaceful Path
Peaceful Path. A melodic tune with warmth and depth by inspiring pianist Jeanette Alexander.
Rain (melodic)
Rain in the Stillness. An exceptionally pretty piece of melodic music by Jeanette Alexander.
Sunrise (melodic)
Sunrise in the Stillness. A beautiful tune played with warmth and dimension by pianist Jeanette Alexander.

Divine Embrace
Divine Embrace. A delightful little Jewish piece of music played by Shoshannah – so pretty and melodic!
Blessing of Peace
Blessing of Peace. A delightfully played heavenly Jewish melody by Shoshannah. So simple and sweet.
A Waltz From Heaven
A Waltz From Heaven. A delightful Jewish tune with melodic notes and depth by Shoshannah.
Come Home to Me
Come Home to Me. A beautifully played Jewish melody by Shoshannah about a Heavenly invitation to befriend God.

Names and descriptions included on Cards sent – You can hear the one you selected, and change it if you wish at Preview stage.



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